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The article deals with the world's first decentralized peering advertising link exchange system that uses cryptocurrency for direct settlements between parties. It explains the difference between the system of classical, given the principles of architecture and a decentralized system. Provides links to technical documentation and distribution system.

EMCLNX - peer advertising link exchange network

The disadvantages of the status quo

Currently, the Internet there are many systems of centralized purchasing and selling advertising links. This is Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and the like. However, all these projects, which are innumerable, are made to enrich the owners of relevant projects by earning revenue from advertising and represent brokerage services, which has the following disadvantages:

  • Advertising sites usually gets less than 50% of the amount that advertisers pay for the service, as about half of the organization there is a paid intermediary "for the needs of the institution."

  • To use this service it is necessary to create an account, give your phone number, e-mail, credit card data and other personal information.

  • For the advertiser system requires quite a significant down payment, which is non-refundable. That is, the return brought money either impossible or very difficult. Not only that - usually there is no mechanism even transfer the balance to another member of the same advertising network. Well, from time to time arise a situation "where my money", along with nothing decisive support team also do not add to the pleasure.

  • For advertising platform, especially beyond the jurisdiction of the "first world", it is usually quite difficult to withdraw earned commissions without the horses.

  • Very poorly designed mechanism coincident role when the same party is the advertiser and the advertising platform simultaneously. While most sites are not averse to work in such a coincident role.

  • At centralized services there is censorship, as they may reject a particular ad only on their well-known reasons. In addition, they like to install hard floor prices for clicks or impressions, because their income at low prices will be low. That in turn cuts off the market, the company with a small budget advertisers.

The emergence of decentralized cryptocurrency, "money without paper and distances," opened the way for the creation and operation of previously unimaginable business models. Such a decentralized system of advertising EmerCoin the Link the Exchange(hereinafter EMCLNX), which was created to meet the needs of the participants, not to enrich the "owners institutions." Here, as sponsored links and payments go directly between the parties, passing by grasping hands as the intermediary organizations, and other interested individuals and organizations.

Differences and advantages EMCLNX

Consider EMCLNX system advantages over classical centralized advertising systems:

  • Member can not be blocked by the will of the "masters institution" or a pressurized state.

  • The system is scalable, because there is no single center that can become a "narrow neck" and slow down the work of the entire advertising network.

  • The system is stable, since it lacks critical elements, the conclusion of which stop the entire network down.

  • There is no centralized censorship. Here, each advertising platform can establish their cut-off rules at unwanted advertisements. In other words, everyone is responsible for themselves, and one can not "decide for all." Censorship appears own conscience or notions of itself.

  • No imposed "masters institution" central purpose of the price of these or other promotional words or phrases. Here, a full-length works market mechanism - an advertiser puts the price he is willing to pay, and each area individually to decide whether she wants to work for that price.

  • I wish to become an advertising platform does not need to create any account on some sites. You just need to put in his wallet EmerCoin, and set the appropriate program, and then start making money on clicks from the site.

  • The advertiser also do not need to register anywhere, it suffices to establish the appropriate program. Of course, it is necessary to replenish the purse EmerCoin coins for payment platforms. Well, you need to create, and publish in EmerCoin-network advertising contracts for the site. Coins in the advertiser's purse belonged to him, and if he decides to stop the advertising campaign - he can just stop the payment system, and use the money from his wallet in another way.

  • The money is paid directly to the site each advertiser, bypassing any whatsoever of third parties. The system development is not possible to change the "rules of the game", and begin to select some of the money in the future "because they wanted to."No other centralized system can not guarantee this.

  • There are no restrictions on any input or the output. Earn coins are immediately in your purse, and you can dispose of them at its discretion.

  • The system has a mechanism of paid contextual links, in other words - "advertising without advertising."

How does EMCLNX

Considered here EMCLNX system is based on payment models Pay Per Click (PPC) with a price-per-click (CPC), set by the advertiser. Consider the operation of the system and the interaction of the component steps. Here we consider the work "in general" system, without going into the details of installation and configuration. References to these details will be given below.

  1. An advertiser creates a text file of the advertising contract, which makes the parameters of the contract, such as the URL of the advertised site, price-per-click (in EMC), the language of advertising strings, strings and the actual advertising.

  2. Advertiser contract comes up with a unique name. The name can be any text string with no delimiters such as login.

  3. Advertiser purse EmerCoin creates a signature on behalf of any of the payment of addresses that are present in your wallet.

  4. Advertiser puts used in [2] address of payments TXT-field blast recording their site. This is necessary to prove the advertising sites of the fact that the contract was issued appropriate site, and not by someone unknown.

  5. Advertiser enters the signature of [3] to the contract, then the contract published in the NVS-subsystem cryptocurrencyEmerCoin . The contract extends over a network, and is available to all advertising sites.

  6. From time to time (approximately every day) the owners of sites are loaded contracts in its database. When loading platform verifies each contract on a number of parameters such as the minimum of CPC, as well as depending on Applied on keywords contract exposes his rating. If the contract has passed inspection, it is loaded into the local database with the appropriate rating, which determines the probability of a display of the advertisement on the site.

  7. When the site comes visitor subsystem EMCLNX selects random from a database of contracts deal with probability proportional to the rating of the contract, and it shows. If a visitor has ignored the ad text, then nothing further happens and the system goes into the state [7].

  8. If a visitor clicks on ads, the online platform control is passed to the program lnx_ref, which exposes the invoice (invoice) by the advertiser., And redirects the visitor to the target site, ie, the advertiser's site.

  9. On the advertiser's website that gets visitors to lnx_pay program that received the invoice, it shall decide whether or not to pay for it. If you decide that it is necessary, lnx_pay pays the expense, either immediately, or if the area allows - defers payment until the next click on the same site.

  10. If the visitor is not recognized as "click fraud", he is redirected to the advertiser's site. In this system operation ends, and the system enters a state [7].

The most difficult part of the development of p2p system has the task of establishing a mechanism that protects both the advertiser from unscrupulous sites (which may deliberately start sklikivat advertising), as well as sites from unscrupulous advertisers who receive visitors, but are not willing to pay for them. 
The protection is based on two basic concepts:

The credit rating of the counterparty.

When the network has a new counterparty, whether the site or the advertiser, it is assigned a default zero confidence rating. As you work with him and his correct behavior, the rating of the counterparty is increasing, and therefore he is given more credibility. When credit default trust marketplace may require for the first click only about 5% of the contract of CPC, which the advertiser has to pay immediately. But as the interaction and serviceable payments, mutual credit rating is growing, and as a result increases and the actual cost per click, asymptotically approaching the contract of CPC, and a credit of coins from the site. This means that the site is no longer required to pay for each click, and gives credit to the advertiser, and he pays for the past few clicks at the same time single transaction, proportionally reducing the number of payments and advertiser paid transaction fees.

Advertiser in the system is identified by the domain name of the site, the site - for at EMC in exhibitor invoice [8]. If the members of the network will change its attributes, it automatically loses its credit rating and forced to start from the default.

The temperature of the object.

The system introduced the concept of the "temperature" of the object. This is a rough simulation of the physical temperature. Object "is heated to as a degree" in his activity and in a natural way "cool" over time according to the law of exponential decay constant of decay of one week.

For example, an advertiser monitors the temperature of the participating sites. Each request for payment from the site leads to a rise in temperature at a value proportional to contractual CPC of this contract. Note that the actual CPC when a new site is much lower than the unknown. Therefore, if there is a new unknown area that is beginning to actively sklikivat advertising, the temperature of this area is growing rapidly, and to achieve 451 degrees Fahrenheit advertiser system ceases to pay for those clicks, considering them as a fraud. Accordingly, if the marketplace sees that the advertiser does not pay it, and the credit of this advertiser goes negative, then it ceases to show relevant advertising. Thus, the relationship between the advertiser and the data area is burned. To restore the connection, both have to wait until the temperature of the compound subside (about a week or two), and then - a platform to reduce the claim to the advertiser or an advertiser to pay the missing balance.

The site also bans advertiser on the sole and universal reason - the advertiser pays for visitors sent to him. And when the credibility of the advertiser is less than zero, the site simply ceases to advertise the appropriate site.

The system on both sides - and the advertiser, and the site visitor is tracked temperature, which is identified by IP address. If the visitor temperature (Activity from this IP) exceeds a certain threshold, the marketplace ceases to transmit this visitor to the advertiser, and both bona fide counterparty avoid confusion with possible subsequent disconnection.

Note that the September 9, 2015 was an attempt to attack the system, operating in a test mode, while the temperature visitor protection worked cleanly and we almost did not suffer losses.

In addition, the system also monitors the quality of the temperature of incoming visitors, specified by the advertiser's site. That is, the advertiser receiving the incoming request can analyze its own algorithms, and cause himself emcLNX_lnx_pay () function, passing it as the third parameter. Here, if the temperature falls below the critical point, defined in the configuration file, then the advertiser is also refusing to pay for the visitor. The factory distribution this analysis is not carried out, and the quality is always equal to one. This arrangement brings unpredictable variety used in the protection algorithms and complicates the task of attacking a universal tool to steal money from advertisers.

Signature of the contract and the corresponding EMC-address in the DNS-records advertiser needs program lnx_ref site to make sure that the contract was indeed placed precisely this advertiser, and he agrees to pay for it. Contracts can be done without a signature, the system will work with these too. However, there is a risk that a potential pest can publish a fake contract on behalf of the advertiser, he will not pay for it, the site will be considered this advertiser fraudster-paying, and will refuse to show it advertising.

Advertising without advertising

EMCLNX provides a unique opportunity, the lack of competition - pay for contextual links. That is, for example, you write an article about EmerCoin, and put a link to site. But in reality, the link refers to your lnx_ref, which throws the visitor who clicked on the site, and you thus get the proper payment for the visitor. Thus, in your article is not a dedicated advertising, but it is the process of advertising and making the appropriate link. In addition, contextual link does not necessarily have to be placed on the site online - it can be anywhere. For example, here in the post kriptor makes contextual link from a public forum, it does not belong.

How to join the network

The download and installation manual (only in English) can be found here

If you - the advertiser, you need to start working to buy a certain number of coins Emercoin, necessary for payment clicks and accommodation contracts in NVS. References to the Exchange are on the site . There is documentation and NVS - use the INFO tab in the upper right corner of the site. 
Also, ask questions in the comments here or on the forum .

We will try to help.


  • It is required in your system, to a participant in the online wallet and worked lnx_ref / lnx_pay program. Can I somehow get around this?

    Yes, you can! In the example of contextual advertising, as you see, is an example of EMCLNX on the forum website, is not participating in the system. You can also team up with anyone, and chipped have a common site of receiving / sending payment with advertising on their websites. Naturally, all netting and division of income in the "commune" You'll make yourself.When servicing a group of sites, advertisers, you will also have to change the program lnx_pay that it sent the visitor to a particular site is advertised, depending on the name of the resulting contract.

  • A platform will be organized if a lot of fake users, which will support the prethreshold temperature and thus the advertiser's milk?

    Yes, this is possible. But many do not, and rents botnet costs money, with an effective mechanism for co-ordination is needed to hold the members in critical temperature threshold. So it's complicated, and not the fact that it is possible to stay in the black. And if you try to optimize costs by getting rid of the botnet, the most sensible option - scattered on contextual links the network to the user clicked usual. That is, to become a fair ground.

  • Good. Suppose I made advertising a certain number Emercoin. Where can I apply them for the benefit of themselves?

    You can use them in the same EMCLNX system to buy incoming traffic, speaking at the same time and the advertiser, the benefit that the system allows you to play both roles simultaneously. You can spend it on other NVS-services provided EmerCoin, such as EMCDNS , EMCSSL , EMCSSH and others. In the end, you can simply sell the coins on the stock exchange, or pay someone who wants to buy them.

  • The above mentioned transaction fees. What is it and how much is?

    In cryptocurrency EmerCoin payer pays for sending transaction transaction fee, which in most cases is 0.01EMC. This amount when sending "burnt", that is not no one gets. Transaction fee is designed to protect from spam blokcheyna cryptocurrency transactions "golden sand". Given the pre-credit for trusted counterparties 100EMC, for normal working counterparties TX FEE will be about 1/10000 of the amount of payments, which is quite acceptable. The platform can reduce the percentage TX FEE for advertisers even more by changing the configuration parameter max_credit.

  • I want to start to advertise your website! Where can I get Emercoin?

    You can buy them on the stock exchange, or namaynit. References to the Exchange and the pools are on site

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