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EmerCoin offers many excellent services, but in order to use them, you need a server-side wallet. We ported the web interface Raspberry Pi, developed in HashCoins server running on Debian 8. 

Announcement: The server version EmerCoin wallet with a convenient web interface

The idea was to create a configured server that is completely ready for work, to persons without special knowledge can connect to EmerCoin services in a few minutes. By and large, we have succeeded.

We used the VPS on DigitalOcean for $ 5 per month, with 512 MB RAM and a processor to 1GHz. This is enough for a purse. On the server was installed Apache for authentication of certificates, python pip to work with libraries required for the web interface, as well as set up Swap the case of lack of memory.

Ready droplet (configured server) can be transferred to another user account in just a few minutes, and if you use the popular hosting panels sales - then the process can be automated.

What you need to work with the server:

  1. Account in DigitalOcen

  2. SSH key. For information on how to create it, you can read here .

  3. Custom SSL-certificate. Instructions on its creation is here .

What can you do with server-side wallet?
By and large, the application is limited only by your imagination. You can use the wallet for coins mintinga or simply as an alternative to a standard wallet, you can use the wallet to display advertising emcLNX , to create your own pool for the domain registration, etc.Using emcSSL also makes it possible to group use purse.

What can be done via the web interface?
Yes, almost all the same, that through the normal budget. You can send and receive coins, create and edit entries NVS watching network data, etc.

Web interface purse

You can see the server work?
You can. Create a record NVS type: name: the ssh: the login of value: id_sertifikata

and leave it in the comments of your login, I will open access to the web interface.

I want to imagine a server purse where to write?
Write e adm {sobaka} 
sure to specify the mail in DigitalOcen, ssh-key (or emcssh user) and id ssl certificate.

In the near future the initial configuration process is automated and you can get the server machine is for a small fee.

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