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In order not to lose the coin, it is highly desirable to make a backup of the purse as often as possible. The easiest option - wallet.dat copy the file to the flash drive. However, this is not always convenient. This article describes how to backup wallet, installed on the Raspberry , in Dropbox.

Бэкап кошелька EmerCoin на Raspberry Pi в Dropbox

We assume that Dropbox account you already have. If not, you can get a couple of minutes .

So, connect via ssh to Raspberry and improve the rights of the system:

sudo su

Go to the home directory:

cd /home/

And install script Dropbox Uploader

git clone

Go to the folder Dropbox Uploader

cd Dropbox-Uploader/

and put out the right to execute the script:

chmod +x

Then, run the script and enter the required data:


The first thing you ask the script - it Api Key. To get it, you need to create an application to Dropbox, for this:

  • go to the link

  • click Create App

  • select the Dropbox API app

  • then put a tick next to the app folder - that is, this app will have access only to a specific folder

  • We come up with a name for the application

  • and we get the api key and app secret

The data report script. Next, the script will ask what rights we have given our application. Select the app folder, ie we need to press a
the next step, the script prompts you to verify the entered data, if everything is OK, then click y

In response, we get a link that you need to go to give the application access to the folder. Link does look like this:***********

After this, in the console press enter. If done correctly, in response we get the Setup completed !, and the folder with the application will appear in your Dropbox account.

Now check the script to work and keep in wallet.dat dropboks:

 ./ upload -f /root/.dropbox_uploader /home/emc/.emercoin/wallet.dat

It is advisable to back up not only wallet.dat, but emercoin.conf. For convenience, create a script

cd /home/

with the following contents:


DATE=$(date +"%d-%m-%Y_%H%M")
BKP_DIRS="/home/emc/.emercoin/wallet.dat /home/emc/.emercoin/emercoin.conf"

tar cf "$BKP_FILE" $BKP_DIRS
gzip "$BKP_FILE"

$DROPBOX_UPLOADER -f /root/.dropbox_uploader upload "$BKP_FILE.gz" /

rm -fr "$BKP_FILE.gz"

To expose the right:

chmod 755

And run the script:


If all goes well, in this folder will appear in dropbokse wallet.dat archive with files and emercoin.conf

Now we have to make a backup for the crown. To do this, enter the command:

crontab -e

and add the line:

0 5 * * * /home/ 2>&1 >> /var/log/backup.log

Now, every day at five in the morning will create a backup of the purse. 
Well, as always - if you have problems or questions - Wellcome in the comments.

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