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If you do not have at hand a dedicated server or the UPU, but I want to test features EmerCoin, the Raspberry Pi is perfect for this purpose. Resources of this mini PC is enough not only for the purse full of work, but also for emcSSH and emcSSl. Below is a guide to installing and configuring the daemon emercoind on Raspberry Pi.

How to install EmerCoin purse on Raspberry Pi

First you need to download the latest image of RASPBIAN on Debian Wheezy, format the SD-card program in SD Formatter and burn the image onto the card program Win32DiskImager .

Unlike conventional linux-systems, devices for arm-purse is not ready file, so it will have to collect yourself. For this we need to install the necessary libraries, but first you need to upgrade. I prefer to work as the root user, so raise my right:

sudo su

and proceed to upgrade:

apt-get update 
apt-get dist-upgrade

Now you can put the necessary libraries:

apt-get install libboost1.50-dev libboost-filesystem1.50-dev libboost-system1.50-dev libboost-program-options1.50-dev libboost-thread1.50-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libdb5.3++-dev libminiupnpc-dev

Next, download the source code EmerCoin:

git clone

go to the src folder

cd emercoin/src

and run the assembly:

make -f makefile.unix emercoind

The process of compiling on the Raspberry Pi 2 took me about an hour. After adding emercoind assembly file in:

mv emercoind /usr/bin/

Then you can use the installation instructions purse on the Debian VPS with the OS , which is already on the site. You should begin by creating a user.

The only thing that I want to mention - on Raspberry Pi sync take considerably more time than VPS. The whole process may take more than 2 hours. By the way, this time can be spent on installation and setup emcSSH .

On Beaglebone wallet put in a similar way, the only difference is only in the fact that under the Beaglebone need to download the appropriate image on Debian.

If you experience difficulty in installing or have questions - welcome in the comments.

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