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A recent security fix cryptocurrency EmerCoin requires early renovation of the purse. Since the files are ready for the Raspberry Pi developers do not offer, the update process of the purse to the Malinke becomes more complex. In this guide I will explain how to update the wallet and re-download blockchain.

How to update EmerCoin purse on Raspberry Pi

In good new version of the purse should be collected from the source . How to do it is written here in this article . Because this process is quite lengthy (compile-time, takes about 40 minutes), I suggest using a simpler way - ready to download a file for the Raspberry emercoind, which I collected.

So. Go to ssh on Raspberry, raise right in system

sudo su

and stop wallet

/etc/init.d/emercoind stop

Next, download the file to a file with emercoind crypto site:



gunzip emercoind.gz

emercoind and copy the directory / usr / bin /

mv emercoind /usr/bin/

If you do not need to download blockchain again, then just run the wallet:

/etc/init.d/emercoind start

If you reserve a fork and blokchain need to redownload, then go to the directory with wallet files

cd /home/emc/.emercoin/

and delete all files except wallet.dat and emercoin.conf 
Before it is highly desirable to make a backup file wallet.dat!

rm addr.dat blk0001.dat blkindex.dat  __db.001 __db.002 __db.003 db.log debug.log nameindexV2.dat
rm -rf database

And run the wallet

/etc/init.d/emercoind start

For download and index all of the blocks may be required more than an hour. After that, the purse will be accessible as usual. 
If you experience problems or have questions - feel free to ask in the comments.

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