Source:    Ronny Boesing    NEWS |   February 8th, 2016   

OpenLedger, the FinTech platform based on BitShares 2.0 technology, is partnering with Emercoin to offer new synergies in blockchain-based services.

The Emercoin group and OpenLedger have officially joined forces to bring the world a new type of trading experience. OpenLedger is a financial crypto-platform that allows for the decentralised trading of digital currencies and assets of all types. Given Emercoin's focus on pushing the limits of blockchain innovation for business and web services, the partnership with OpenLedger's revolutionary fintech platform makes a lot of sense.

Smart trading, decentralised. Find out more on the OpenLedger YouTube channel.

Emercoin offers a series of blockchain services, including Secure Shell Management; passwordless logins; decentralised pay-per-click advertising; digital Proof of Ownership; uncensored Domain Name System; micropayment library for streaming media; trusted storage for digital timestamps; and secure and convenient storage for digital business cards.

New synergies

The OpenLedger platform meanwhile offers several unique features of its own, bringing users an entirely new toolset to work with – and shattering the concept of what an exchange should look like. These perfectly complement Emercoin’s own emphasis on blockchain services. For example, users can:

  • Create their own currency as a User Issued Asset (UIA)

  • Collateralise a new coin by creating a Market Pegged Asset (MPA). This allows a physical commodity (such as gold) to back the underlying value of the currency

  • Deploy their own real-time blockchain using OpenLedger

With the ability to create your own currency, issue Smartcoins that are backed with real-world collateral and deploy your own Graphene-powered blockchain, the possibilities for innovation are near limitless. New markets can be created in seconds, giving users an unprecedented level of creativity and control. Emercoin sees great potential in this new frontier of digital currency trading.

'OpenLedger represents the future of not only digital currency trading but all digital assets,' comments Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin. 'As blockchain technology blossoms there will be many more layers of innovation coming to the market and we feel the OpenLedger platform is a great example of this. Users will be able to interact with Emercoin (EMC) in many new, creative ways.'

Emercoin on Bitshares

In addition, OpenLedger is also looking into how to utilise Emercoin's blockchain-based services within the Bitshares platform. 'We are excited at the possibility of being able to integrate Emercoin's suite of tools and services into the OpenLedger platform,' says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK exchange – the Danish registrar for OpenLedger. 'Emercoin representatives will be introduced to the BitShares Community in one of coming Beyond Bitcoin weekly hangouts on Mumble, offering the community and guests a close-up opportunity to evaluate and vote on what EMC services could be brought on board and in what fashion. Services like EMC SSL have great potential to increase the security, stability and ease of use of the OpenLedger platform, for example.'

For a limited time from 8-18 February, all Emercoin users who sign up and create an account on OpenLedger using the link will receive 10 free Obits. Obits is the native currency of OpenLedger and is already beginning to make waves in the digital currency scene. In fact, the first successful buyback took place on 2nd February with the result that some 49,800 OBITS were burned, equivalent to 13 BTC. For more information on Obits and how to acquire them, please visit

For more information on Emercoin and its many blockchain-based services, visit


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