Source:    Roger Aitken    NEWS |   February 8th, 2016   

Financial crypto-currency platform OpenLedger, which is based on BitShares technology, is partnering with the digital currency and blockchain platform Emercoin, to offer what is being touted as "new synergies" in next-gen blockchain-based services. It comes hot on the heels after EMC partnered with the Azure cloud BaaS program this January.

With demand growing for innovative and scalable blockchain services that are ready to implement, EMC is scheduled to deliver a suite of blockchain services into the Microsoft Azure cloud later this year.

As a result of such developments Azure cloud users will be able to install and make use of EMC's services such as digital proof of ownership and identity, password-less authentication on the Internet, network security as well as the first 'peer-to-peer' (P2P) distributed advertising network.

A stack of bitcoins stand on top of US dollar bills in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., January 29, 2016. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has extolled the potential benefits of virtual currencies and said they warrant a more nuanced regulatory approach. (Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg).

The Emercoin group (EMC), which was launched in December 2013 with zero pre-mine and is a decentralized crypto-currency like Bitcoin but more akin to Namecoin and Peercoin, is now officially joining forces with OpenLedger, the world’s first decentralized exchange (DEX) with a fiat-enabled gateway. Highlighting just how fast things are moving that new fiat initiative went live last month.

Partnering together – EMC and OpenLedger – want to bring a “new type of trading experience” to the world, and allow OpenLedger users to trade Emercoins, which can be used to purchase EMC distributed services from the EMC network.

While EMC was created as the local currency for a range of Internet projects – including games, networking, research projects, social networks and tech projects (e.g. robotics), OpenLedger's crypto-platform allows for the decentralized trading of digital currencies and enables users to create several type of unique assets.

These span  Market Pegged Assets (MPA's) as well as the ability to deploy your very own blockchain. But additionally, SmartCoin assets such as BitUSD, BitEUR, BitCNY (Yuan), BitGOLD, BitSILVER are offered and can be traded.

Given the claim of Emercoin to focus on "pushing the limits" of blockchain innovation for business and web services, the partnership with OpenLedger's third-generation fintech platform appears to be a perfect match.


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