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«EmerFund» is a global organization consisting of the creators of the Emercoin blockchain and investors wishing to invest in Blockchain-based products and companies. The goal of the fund is to invest capital in commercial projects which use Emercoin's blockchain technology or promoting these technologies within the market. 

Play The 1000 Idea Emercoin Contest and Win 5000 EMC

Contest Description

We expect to see from you ideas of projects or campaigns aimed at increasing the popularity and usage of the Emercoin cryptocurrency; or projects with a viable business model which use Emercoin's blockchain technologies.

There are no other limitations or rquirements! Any ideas are welcome (modalities and submission format requirements are listed below)
For your idea you can receive prizes (in EMCs).

The prizes are distributed to those who are the first to submit the idea. The prize is paid only for non typical ideas, which have an element of uniqueness and novelty.

The contest is open for a period of 1 month. The contest will close on April 30th or when the number of received ideas reaches 1000.

The contest judges are picked by the Fund and comments and feedback will be published along with references to the transactions which contained the prizes. 


5000 EMC – Total prize pool

500 EMC – Prize for ideas which have been accepted for execution (the prize is paid out the moment the decision to execute the idea is made by the committee. Decisions to execute on ideas may take place during or right after the content closes)

50 EMC – Prize for an idea judged as potentially interesting for future implementation (the prize is paid when the contest closes, please don't forget to include your wallet addresses)

10 EMC – Prize for an idea that shows the contestants "best effort"  (the prize is paid when the contest closes, please don't forget to include your wallet addresses).

10 EMC – Incentive prize, paid for placing a link to this very content thread in your group, blog, forum, facebook, twitter or anywhere else that will be seen in the cryptosphere. Paid once for each linked resource, assuming the referrer proposes at least one relevant idea (as determined by the committee). The more you share and promote the contest itself, the more EMC you earn!

The prize pool will be distributed regardless of the number of ideas received. Example: If we receive 10 ideas total then each submitted idea will receive 500 EMC

Criteria such as the quality and feasibility of the idea remain at the sole discretion of the committee. Winning ideas are considered as those which require minimal investment, greatest potential, low implementation costs and a high probability of success. 

Ideas which are variations of each other, or improvements upon existing ideas shall be treated as a single idea.

The contest does not accept ideas on wallet modifications or new functions for installation of Emercoin systems. Emercoin developers have a great  number of innovations, some of which will be put into practice in the next wallet release. Nevertheless, the fund is not participating directly in Emercoin development. If you have ideas on Emercoin wallet improvements, please, email us

Basic Guidelines for Ideas

  • - Can be implemented within a realistic time frame (From 1 hour to 2 months time)

  • - Can generate revenue and can become self-sustainable

  • - Increase the sphere of Emercoins applications or increases the use of technologies related to Emercoin.

  • - Non-refunable investments for implementation of your idea should be up to a maximum of $2000 USD (i.e. investment which may never be recovered)

  • - Total investment required for your idea should be below $20,000 USD.

  • - Increase the popularity of Emercoin or Emercoin-related technologies.
    - We are also interested in large-scale projects. If you have a business plan already prepared and your project matches the goals of the contest, please contact us

  • - The only ideas which will be considered as inappropriate are ideas which contradict local laws.

How to Participate

Come up with an idea which will increase the applications of Emercoin and/or the Emercoin blockchain.

Post a message in this thread with the following content 

Short description of your idea

Your EMC wallet address (where we will send your prize)

A re-post to this topic (optional, if you want to receive a bonus)

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