Source:    Emercoin Tech    NEWS |   April 2nd, 2016   


EMCLNX v0.0.6 Version Released

EMCLNX v0.0.6 New Features:

1. Ability to use sub-key refID in the ads contract link, i.e:

To monitor, which local ling biring this traffic.

2. CPA feature. Host (advertiser) can pay some "CPA premium" to referer for some action, performed by user (i.e. - buy some good, etc).

Note: [2] is still experimental.

Regarding Updates:

If you have an old emclnx, for example, emclnx-0.0.3, you just needed run couple scripts "migrate_from" i.e.:




Each script modify database structure, to use wit a new code. 

Old data is preserved.

How to Update:

1st Step: Download EMCLNX v0.0.6 source file.


2nd Step: Unzip "emclnx-0.0.6.tar.gz" file.

tar -zxvf emclnx-0.0.6.tar.gz

3rd Step: Mofidy emclnx/emclnx-config.php -- add here login/ass for wallet, etc.

nano emclnx/emclnx-config.php

4th Step: Run "" to update.

cd adm

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